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Life Coaching-
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This is perfect if you want to see if coaching is right for you.  

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This is a 45 mins session for you to get clarity on a certain topic and so we can find the cause to your problem.

Price: £75

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This package is for you if you want quick results. It helps you discover your self-identity so you can finally feel confident to reach your goals and dreams. To get some results, it’s required to get a minimum of 3 sessions.

Price: From £ 250 

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“Meant For More” takes you through a radical transformation in a six-week program. This program is for women who need help at a deeper level. For women who want to feel in alignment with who they truly are and with their purpose in life, but also who want to feel more confident about themself while building a bigger life. 

Beta Price: £690 (only a few spots available before launching at a normal price in December 2022).

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What to do in albufeira, Portugal.

You need some holidays and want to go on a mini trip that won’t cost you a fortune? look no further.

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Personal Development. How to reconnect with yourself.

I think we’ve all felt disconnected at least once in our life, right?  Reconnecting with yourself can be a very important thing to do as soon you realize what’s going on with you. Are you in this situation? 

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