Ronnie wants to live in her bubble. She wants her bubble to be filled with love, surrounded by a peaceful world, with good vibes and sparkles. She wants a bubble where she can have lots of happy dances, eat Oysters for breakfast and earn millions while taking pictures of all of it.


As a novice blogger, she didn’t start as a receptionist at Vogue magazine, she didn’t do her fashion internship with the Evil wears Prada, she hasn’t got 20 years of experience as a journalist at The Guardian, or neither a background in TV. She is a regular contributor in the creation of fantastic pins on Pinterest and was voted cook of the year during the 2020 Lockdown by her boyfriend which helped her gain notoriety from worldwide star Michelin chefs.


When she is not trying to write amazing posts for her a very popular lifestyle blog, you can find her creating magnificent content for her Instagram page, running all around her house naked (Home alone style), spreading her positivity all around her or playing hide and seek with her boyfriend (actually she plays alone but she doesn’t know it). She also spends a lot of time connecting with the inner self while meditating or exercising in her Home studio to get fit again after the Cook of The Year Price.


Her first never finished book called “The Ronnie’s Bubble, my success story” would have been a best seller all over the world and translated in more than 46 languages.