How To Reconnect With Yourself.

I think we’ve all felt disconnected at least once in our life, right? Reconnecting with yourself can be a very important thing to do as soon you realize what’s going on with you. Are you in this situation? Would you like to reconnect with your inner being? Don’t panic as there is always a solution! In this post, I am going to share with you a few ways on how you to reconnect with yourself.

How do i feel when i am disconnected with myself.

Like every other human being in this planet, sometimes you can feel lost. Sometimes, you notice that something is bothering you or that your happiness is not quite there with you.  Also you can observe that you are not quite in alignment with yourself for some unknown reason. You can sense it deep inside you that something is wrong or missing  within your body and it’s impossible to know why.  

Why do I feel this way?

Often this is due because something happened to you, because you took a bad decision, or simply because you didn’t do something in the right way. The other reason can be that you just because you forgot yourself. But how can you forget about yourself? Well this actually happen very often in life. I mean I think we all felt that way at least once in our lives, right? So, reconnecting with yourself can be a very important thing to do as soon you realize what’s going on with you.  

10 tips to reconnect with your Inner being

  1. Meditate
  2.  Take time for yourself
  3. Find the beauty within you
  4. Respect yourself
  5. Have a me time
  6. Love yourself
  7. Be kind to yourself
  8. Be creative
  9. Be grateful
  10. Prioritize yourself
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1. Meditate

Meditation is very good if you want to reconnect with yourself. It can help you a lot, to release your tensions, stress and
other unwanted things that you can be experiencing in your everyday life. By doing so, you tell your mind to focus on the present and so on your breathing and body. Which is perfect if you need to reconnect with your inner being or your soul. There are a few ways you can meditate, either alone or in a group. It’s up to you really. 

If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start I recommend listening to some free guided meditation on YouTubeThat is the way  I started a few years ago. It’s quite straight forward,  just search “Guided meditation” on YouTube and literally search for a nice voice that you bear and a mediation that will help you relax. They are so many and all with different goals so you only need to find the one that’ll  suit you.

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2. Have fun

 A lot of people work hard at their everyday job. Sometimes it can
feel like it’s only about work, going home and sleep. And every day it’s the
same boring day. So, it’s always good to treat yourself by doing
something that you love and really enjoy to do. Do something that you
really like and makes you happy. Like go the bowling alleys and have
fun with friends, go to a gig, go to the zoo for a day or book a ticket for comedy
club night to have a good laugh. 

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3. Find the Beauty within you

First of all, stop criticizing yourself and embrace your imperfections. Find something beautiful in you all the time.  Start making positive comments about you and your body to either you or to somebody else. This way you’ll find the real beauty in you. It’s time to  accept that body that holds you everyday , it’s time to accept all your imperfections.  Nobody else will be as beautiful as you are as you are a unique beautiful human being.

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4. Respect yourself

If you want some respect, the first person you have to respect is you. Listen to yourself in order to love yourself more. Take care of yourself. Think twice before taking a decision or before doing something to avoid mistakes. Avoid hurting your inner being so you don’t have to live with regrets. Value people the same way you would like to be valued and don’t let anyone to speak or treat you in a bad way. And finally, don’t loose yourself on social media platforms and just be yourself.  By doing that you’ll make your inner being understand that you are listening to yourself and that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to do to be in alignment with your inner being.

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5. Have a me time

Go for a walk alone in the woods, enjoy the nature in the silence and
listen to the birds. Have a full pack bath meaning: foam, candles,
scented oils, and some relaxing music. Eventually, you can go out for lunch or
dinner by yourself and enjoy your own company in a nice restaurant or

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6. Love yourself

When you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, just say “I love you “ to yourself. Do that every day and you’ll see the impact this will have on you. It’s very powerful actually. I myself do this as I always say to myself “I Love you”  when I finish my meditation in the morning. I feel like is a good moment to do so as I am completely in the present focusing in the me.

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7. Be Kind to yourself

Talk to yourself like if you were talking to someone you love. Be kind and avoid beating yourself up. Say out loud or in your head nice words to your inner being so it’ll know how much you love it. No one more than your inner being is going to appreciate good and kind words coming from you. To be honest it might take a little while to get used to this but I really think it works.

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8. Be creative

There is nothing better than creativity to connect with yourself. Creativity is good as it requires to focus on something and most of the time it can be quite therapeutic. You’ll be impressed how much emotions you can show in your creations if you get into something that you enjoy doing. I myself love photography,  I can just spend hours posing in front of the camera trying to shoot the perfect self portrait. It’s very addictive when you find yourself good at something and you can learn a lot about yourself too.

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9. Be grateful

Appreciate the small things around you. It can actually be very simple to do that, just  enjoy the air you breathe when you wake up in the morning, enjoy the clouds when you look up in the sky or simply enjoy the fact that you can see the sky. Try to do something that makes you smile or that makes someone smile. You can be grateful by calling someone you love and letting them know how much you appreciate them being part of your life. Furthermore you can just appreciate people or things just the way they are. Be happy and grateful to wake up every morning and for everything you got in your life. I mean if you can breathe, smell and touch, it shouldn’t be that difficult right to do that right?!

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10. Prioritize yourself

Very often, we think too much about others. We believe it’s a good thing to be generous and give all of our precious time to people but it’s not really. In fact, when we do that we tend to forget ourselves and that is why we need to prioritize ourselves a bit more in order to make ourselves count. It might not be the kind of things you used to do, but please give it a try. A bit of selfishness won’t hurt you. It might not be well taken by others neither but whatever who cares really. It doesn’t mean you have to feel bad because of that. You just giving importance to yourself before than others, is that a crime? Also, If you don’t prioritize yourself who else is going to do it? So you first and that’s it baby!!


Last words....

If you ever feel disconnected with your inner being, it’s okay. That can happen to anyone and luckily there is always a solution. These are the 10 tips I would give to friend and that I use myself on a daily basis. I’m not saying it would work straight away, just know how to be patient and give time to the time. Just know how to recognize what your needs are and listen to them. 
Note to yourself: Don’t forget that the person the most important in this bloody world is you! So take care of yourself and listen carefully to that little voice inside of you. xx

Please let me know in the comment if you enjoyed this post of if you know about any other tip that you would recommend. I would be very happy to hear about it 🙂

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