How to deal with negative people.

how to deal with negative people

How to deal with negative people? Well , that is a a good question. I mean there are so many negative and frustrated people out there. What would be the solution to get rid of all those bad energies and unwelcoming vibes from around us?

There isn’t an actual formula for that but as I often say, “there’s always a solution”. Or at least, there’s always a way to avoid unwanted things in our lives and that includes negative people.

Best tips to survivie to negativity

1. Empathize but stay in your bubble

Listening is good, but not getting involved too much is the key to survive to negativity. In order to help, we could give our opinion in a normal world, but we are not. In addition, by empathizing  and by just being a spectator of a negative situation we will contribute to stay in a positive mindset. So for our own sake, staying in our bubble will avoid us to ruin our day and waste our good energy.

2. Be positive

If I was asked for some advises about something from a negative or worried person, I’d just do my possible to stay positive in my exchange with that person to keep my good vibes. Furthermore seeing the good in every situation as bad as it could be could be the solution.

3. simply Avoid negative talks/or negative people

We all like being in a good mood. As you all know, negative talks or negative people clearly can destroy that. So with this in mind, avoiding everything negative can be a good thing to do if we don’t want to feel down.

4. Spread happiness

It’s not always easy to keep away from unwanted people with negative minds so whenever you cross path with one of them, be happy. Conversation may not go the way we want it and if it bothers us in a bad way let’s just spread happiness instead of digging into the negative points. Change subject of conversation and brings up some topics that’ll make the other person happy. You can also recommend the last funny movie you have seen on Netflix that you know the other person will enjoy. And lastly a smile and good vibes are very contagious to break negativity so just go for it!

5. Turn negative into positive

Turning negative things into positive can be the solution. For example if a girl friend is complaining about her boyfriend dumping her, the best way to turn that into positive would be to tell her that she is still young and that she should feel lucky. Being dumper after only 6 months is better that being dumped after six years or ten years of marriage! Her time is precious so less time waited with a person that didn’t want her. She should feel lucky as  the right person will turn up at some point to make her happy.

6. Remind people to focus on the good

If we ever find ourselves stuck in a conversation with a negative person, reminding to that person to focus in the good can be the answer. I mean we all have some stuff that bother us in our everyday life. However, there is always something good that we don’t pay attention to because we are way too focused on the bad things. Having a good health is very important. Being loved by our family is precious. Having a roof under our head is a blessing. So sometimes thinking and appreciating the small things we have can change the vision of life. If we’d all thought about the little things, I am pretty sure that we would have happier people in this World.

Last words...

Whatever negative thing we have to deal with in our lives, choosing happiness and positivity can be the way out. Thinking first about our well being and state of mind is so important. Also making sure to behave the right way with bad situations can be so powerful. How about you, how do you deal with negative situations or negative souls? Let me know how you keep your good vibes in the comments below ! x

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2 thoughts on “how to deal with negative people”

  1. Super articles in which I recognize myself following a burn out at work since I am already putting into practice some of your advice.
    All that remains is to know how to manage my emotions during a conflict because it is very difficult for me to reflect and remain calm.
    May in another article…?

    1. Thanks for you comment Karina. I think the secret is staying focused on yourself to manage your emotions. When in a conflict, maybe try to think of emotions that you’d like to feel rather than the ones you don’t want? I will definitely think of writing an article about emotions next. And hopefully, that’ll help you. Good luck on healing with your Burn out. Sending you loads of positive vibes. x

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