Potato juice, homemade remedy

Potato juice, how to get rid of  verrucas

When a few years ago I read something about the benefits of potato juice, I was like “what, really???”. So this happened when I initially was trying to get rid of a verruca on one of my toes. In order to be more gentle with my body and skin, I was trying to find another solution than using super strong products. In addition, trying to find a homemade remedy was for me a better option. That said, I actually always try to find something natural to heal myself with.  Whatever it is for, it can be a cold, a sunburn or a verruca. Sometimes it works and that’s great, and when it doesn’t I consult a doctor or a specialist if I need to. 

I mean potato has been so long in the history , that who would have thought about using it as a skincare? Right? I mean, I eat potato fries, or potato mash or potatoes  with raclette. Furthermore potato was without doubt the most famous vegetable in the old times.

I love the fact that this medicine was used in the very old time by women.  They probably had a lot of verruca in the old times too! 

Discovering the potato juice benefits, was for me a brilliant thing. It certainly made me very happy and also very curious.  The only way to see if that worked was to try it on myself and see if it worked.

 That article  was saying that Just by massaging the damaged surface(verruca) with the juice of the potato, a few times a day for several days, the verruca should disappear.

Not only I tried the potato juice on my little one but also got rid of it in less than a week! That was insane, I couldn’t believe it. I mean who would have thought about that? In the meantime I get it, in the ancient times they didn’t have any medicine, drugs, or any products that we nowadays use. So kind of normal that you find something else to heal with.



Take a potato, wash it and cut it in half.
If you wait a few minutes, you will see that a small liquid will get out of the potato.
Rub that liquid onto any part that you need to heal or take care of. 
Rub for a few minutes.
Keep cutting the potato until you have used all the juice.
Tip: If not used all the potato in once, keep the remaining in the fridge. For the wrinkles, is so rejuvenating to use the cold juice on your face in the morning.


Potato Juice Is Also Good For Wrinkles And Scars.


While potato is consumed in different ways in so many countries, others use the potato skin to heal burn and  others use the potato juice as a skin care. Among others, potato juice is very beneficial for the skin. I mean not only you can get rid of a verruca but  also you can use it as an everyday skincare routine on your face to fight the appearance of wrinkles. It’s meant to be a very good aging stopper and works very well on your face wrinkles.

In addition, this can work very well too on any scar you could have on your face or body (new or old). I’ve experienced it myself on a scar on my face. After massaging it with potato juice for a few moths, my scar surprisingly started to disappear. It didn’t totally disappear like the verruca, it just had gained quickly a better aspect and wasn’t very deep. Very pleased with the result as today it’s kind of gone.

How about you? Have you ever tried this? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. Yes, you should definitely give it a go. It has really helped me and it’s something that everyone can afford to do at home.

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